Voting & Political Action

Voting is your right as a citizen of the United States by exercising your right to vote, you can support issues and ideas you believe in.

If you are 18, a U.S. citizen and have been a resident of Monroe County for 30 days before an election, you are entitled to vote, but you must be registered in advance. To register, you must fill out a registration form and send or bring the completed form to the County Election Commissioner’s Office. You may designate a party- Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Conservative.

If you wants information concerning government, current legislation or how to become involved in political action, call:

Conservative Party of Monroe County                                        381-6580
Democratic Committee of Monroe County                                  232-2410
Green Party of Monroe County                                                   360-0313
League of Women Voters                                              262-3730 V/TDD
Libertarian Party                                                                        234-3733
Monroe County Board of Elections                                            753-1550
                                                                                    753-1544 (TTY*)
Monroe County Independence Party                                           727-7829
Republican Committee of Monroe County                                   546-8040
Youth Voice, One Vision                                                            428-7371

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