Teen Parenting

A number of agencies offer services especially for pregnant and/or parenting teens. Some of them are listed here. Education, medical care and counseling are among the services provided.

Call for more information about what each program can provide:

Parenting Skills and Family Supports:

Baby Love/ Strong                                                                    339-3219
Catholic Family Center’s Pregnancy & Parenting Counseling Program
City of Rochester Department of Recreation and Youth Services 428-6770
-Strengthening the Black Family/Effective Black Parenting Program
Family Resource Centers of Crestwood:
-Peter Castle Family Resource Center                             339-3200x3214
-Southwest Family Resource Center & Family Talk          436-0370x303
Healthy Start Center                                                                   368-3408
Highland Hospital Family Classes (parenting classes)                 473-2229
In Control                                                                                  328-3408
Monroe County Department of Public Health:
-Perinatal Home Visiting Program                                   753-KIDS (5437)
-Nurse and Family Partnership Program                          753-KIDS (5437)
SPCC Teen Age Parent Support Services                       325-6101x204
Successful Pathways, Inc.                                                         235-3248
Urban League of Rochester, Teen Mother Program                     325-6530
YWCA School Age Parents Program                                          546-5820

Housing, clothing, food and/or baby supplies:
The Center for Youth (emergency & transitional living services) 271-7670 (24hrs)
Mercy Residential Services (emergency & transitional housing) 254-2175
Monroe County WIC Program                                                     753-4942
(Supplemental Nutrition for Women, Infants and Children)

Programs for Teen Fathers:
In Control, Teen Father Program                                     328-3408
Father’s Program at Peter Castle Family Resource Center            339-3200
Rochester Fatherhood Initiative                                                  235-3160
SPCC Teen Age Parent Support Services                                   325-6101
Successful Pathways, Inc.                                                         235-3248

For pregnancy counseling refer to the SEXUALITY/BIRTH CONTROL or the PREGNANCY sections, or call:

CARE (a service of Catholic Charities USA)                    1-800-CARE-002
Planned Parenthood                              1-866-600-6886/546-7582 (TTY*)

If you know of a teen parent or a child that has special health care needs, or for more information about different services available to a teen parent and child, call the Monroe County Department of Public Health at 753-KIDS (5437) for information and referral. Here are some other programs that offer special care:

Education services:

Being a teen parent may make it hard to stay in school. If you are a teen parent, or are going to be one, ask your guidance counselor for help. You may be eligible for home or hospital tutoring. If you have left school and want to return, there are many programs that can help.

Family Talk, Family Resource Centers at Crestwood        436-0370x303
Rochester City School District
-Young Mothers Program                                                           454-1095
-Family Learning Center (18+)                                                     262-8000
-Threshold Center for Alternative Youth Services             454-7530x226
YWCA of Rochester and Monroe County
-School Age Parents Program                                                    546-5820


There are many daycare centers and families who care for children. You can find out what is available and what assistance you can receive to help pay for childcare by calling:

Child Care Council, Inc. “Your premier resource”                          654-4720 or www.childcarecouncil.com                           1-800-743-KIDS (5437)


Teen parents may run into situations that may make it difficult for them to access services to which they have a legal right. If so, legal services are available. Call:

Empire Justice                                                                          454-4060
Legal Aid Society of Rochester, Youth Advocacy Program         232-4090
Monroe County Legal Assistance Center                                     325-2520
-(public benefits and housing issues only)
Rochester Fatherhood Initiative                                                  235-3160

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