Rape or Sexual Assault

Rape and sexual assault are violent crimes against an individual.  The rapist can be anyone - a neighbor, a date, a friend, a relative or a stranger. If someone forces you to have sexual intercourse or other sexual contact against your will it is called rape. 

No one has the right to pressure or force anyone to have sex even if:

  • His or her dinner or night out has been paid for.
  • He or she has had sex before with this person.
  • He or she flirts with this person.
  • He or she agrees to have sex and then changes his or her mind.

 If someone is raped or sexually assaulted, he or she needs to:

  • Get to a safe place.
  • Call his/her parents or a trusted friend, or call RESTORE (previously Rape Crisis Services) at 546-2777.
  • NOT shower, bathe, wash hands, brush teeth, use the toilet, change clothes or eat or drink anything. As hard as it may be to not clean up, doing any of these things may destroy important evidence.
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible to determine whether or not there are internal injuries. Also, there may be a need for follow-up medical care in case of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. The best place to go is to the hospital emergency room since the staff has been trained to help rape victim.
  • Try to remember or write down where it happened, when, what the person looked like, and what clothing was worn. This information will help in talking to the police.

The doctor can help involve the police if the victim prefers.  It is important to make a police report.

The victim of an assault needs to have people to talk with about feelings—people who will listen for as long as it takes. Support of family is important.

The following numbers can be called any time, day or night, for help or information about what to do. Do not be afraid to call for information or help for someone.

2-1-1/LIFELINE                                                  2-1-1 or 275-5151(24 hrs)
                                                                                    275-2700 (TTY*)
Police Emergency                                                                                 911
Rape Crisis Service                               546-2777 (24 hrs) 546-7582 (TTY*)
Emergency rooms (ERs) of our local hospitals provide services to rape victims:
Highland Hospital Emergency                                                    341-6880
Strong West Emergency (previously Lakeside Memorial)             758-1010
Rochester General Hospital- ViaHealth                                        922-2000
Strong Hospital Emergency room and Safe Center at Strong       275-4551
Unity Hospital Emergency Department                                       723-7070


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