It is very important for a young woman to have someone to trust and offer support when she is facing the possibility of being pregnant. This may be a parent, a counselor, an adult friend or a peer. If a young woman thinks that she is pregnant, it is important to have a pregnancy test in a medical setting. The young woman may need to speak with someone who can support her to receive the medical attention she needs.

For pregnancy testing and counseling, contact your health care provider or call one of the following clinics. Call for hours, cost (if any), and to find out if an appointment is necessary.

Anthony Jordan Health Center, Teen Center                                423-5800
Birthright of Rochester (to continue pregnancy)
--East:                                                                                      385-2100
--West:                                                                                     328-8700
Catholic Family Center, Parenting Option Program (adoption)        262-7136
Healthy Moms Rochester                                                           368-3490
Highland Family Planning                                                           279-4890
Hillside Childrens Center (adoption)                                             256-7400 (24hrs)
In-Control                                                                                  328-3408
Planned Parenthood                                       546-2595 or 1-866-600-6886
Threshold Center for Alternative Youth Services                          454-7530

Prenatal care- for prenatal care, contact your health care provider. For additional information or support services, call:

Anthony Jordan Health Center, Teen Center                                423-5800
Baby Love/REEP (support to help get medical care)                   266-0021
Healthy Moms Rochester                                                           368-3490
Monroe County Department of Public Health                  753-KIDS (5437)
--Perinatal home visiting program and the nurse family partnership

Monroe County WIC                                                                  753-4942
--Supplemental Nutrition for Women, Infants & Children
Strong Health, Rochester Adolesc. Maternity Program (RAMP)    275-2962
Unity Healthy Moms (support services)                                       368-3735

Pregnancy Counseling:

CARE (Service of Catholic Charities USA) 8am-10pm daily 1-800-CARE-002

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