Mental Health Services


A trained mental health professional can work with the youth and their family to provide assessment and treatment. Outpatient mental health services include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and parent counseling. Outpatient mental health is covered by most health care payment plans, including HMO insurance coverage, commercial insurance, and Medicaid, and regular co-payments apply. A sliding fee scale is available for individuals not covered by other insurance options. Appointments are necessary (The Mental Health Association has a guide to finding mental health services. Call 325-3145 (voice/TTY) for a copy of “Finding Your Way.”)

Catholic Family Center, Mental Health Clinic                    546-7220x5603
Crestwood Children’s Center (Hillside Family Agency)                 256-7500
Compeer Rochester                                                                   546-8280

Strong Behavioral Health
Family Therapy Services                                                            275-8321
Child and Adolescent Services                                                   279-7800
Rochester Mental Health Center                                                  922-2500
Genesee Mental Health Center                                                    922-7770
Rochester General Health System                                              922-4000

Child crisis services are available to youth experiencing a mental health crisis (i.e. suicidal thoughts or behavior, thoughts about hurting others, self-injury). If the situation is life threatening, call 911.
2-1-1/LIFELINE                                                  2-1-1 or 275-5151(24hrs) (live chat)                                        275-2700 (TTY*)
Rochester Community Mobile Crisis Team (RCMCT)                    529-3721
Home Based Crisis Intervention                                                  368-6550
Emergency Respite Beds                                                          256-7500
Family Crisis Support Services                                                  256-7500
System of Care                                       


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