Death & Loss

When someone close to you dies, you may be overwhelmed with feelings of anger, hurt, sadness and uncertainty. The problem of what to say and how to talk about your feelings is one of the most difficult that you can face. You may be afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing.

When someone dies, you may have a lot of different feelings, many at the same time, including surprise, disbelief, anger, guilt, loneliness, depression and sadness. Each person reacts to death in his or her own way. Some cry, some get angry, some get quiet and go off by themselves and some act like nothing happened. How you grieve is a personal thing and does not measure how much you cared about the person, only how you handle or express your feelings. 

Remember that there are people who can help you as you struggle with a loss. 

You can call:

2-1-1/LIFELINE  2-1-1 or 275-5151 (24 hours) 275-2700 (TTY*)
Families and Friends of Murdered Children 472-3156
KATS (Kids Adjusting Through Support) a program of Camp Good Days  624-5555
The Mental Health Association, Support Group Directory 325-3145 (TTY*)
A Caring Place (Lifetime Care)   475-8800


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