Basic Needs

The following lists resources available for obtaining information about basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) If you need additional information or are unsure of what resource or agency to contact, please call 2-1-1/LIFELINE at 2-1-1 or 275-5151 (275-2700 TTY*).
You can also contact:
-Catholic Family Center, Community Resource Services 232-2050
-SouthWest Area Neighborhood Association/The Bridge 436-8201
-Montgomery Neighborhood Center 436-3090
For more information about obtaining food stamps, call:
Monroe County Department of Human Services 753-6000
New York State Food Stamp Hotline 1-800-342-3009
For a referral to a Food Pantry and/or a Food Distribution Center or soup kitchen, call:
2-1-1/LIFE LINE 2-1-1 or 275-5151(24 hours), 275-2700 (TTY*)
For directories listing Food Pantries and Food Distribution Centers, call or go online:
The Homeless Guide 328-3380
Housing Information
For runaway or homeless emergency shelter programs for youth under 21 refer to RUNNING AWAY/HOMELESS section.
For information on housing and sanitation complaints, call:
Monroe County Department of Public Health 753-5171
For more information on home lead poisoning, call:
Monroe County Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program 753-5087
Also see the Lead Hazard Control Grant Assistance application available on the Monroe County website at:
For more information on heating (fuel) costs and subsidized public housing for low income families and senior citizens, call:
HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) 753-6477
For information on home repair and rehabilitation programs and services, call:
City of Rochester, Grants and Loans for Homeowners 428-6827
ABC Community Building in Action 325-7550
For more information on home buying, screenings, and other related assistance, call:
City of Rochester Services for 1st Time Homebuyers 428-6888
The Home Store, Urban League 325-HOME
For daily listings of available apartments and hotline information on landlord/tenant rights, call:
The Housing Council 546-3700
Emergency Shelters for Families
For information, call:
Alternatives for Battered Women 232-7353(24 hours) 232-1741(TTY*)
Caters to women who have been physically abused, short term stay. Minimum 18 years (exceptions considered). Children (through age 18) will be housed with mothers.
Bethany House 454-4197 (24 hours)
Forty-five day limit, one-time per year. Interview required.
Women and women with children; boys up to age 12.
Catholic Family Center, Homeless and Housing Department 423-9590
Shelters for men, women, and women with children in conjunction with the Monroe County Department of Human Services.
Mercy Residential Services 266-3713
Emergency and transitional housing for pregnant and parenting women, age 16-21, and their children.
Salvation Army Emergency Assistance for Homeless Families 987-9540
(24 hours)- After 5pm call extension 2884
Financial aid and services
For information on temporary assistance, food stamps or Medicaid, call:
Monroe County Department of Human Services 753-6000
Customer Service Line 753-6440
For assistance with financial management:
Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester 546-3440
Urban League Financial Education Program 325-4663
Refer to the “Homeless Guide,” or call:
2-1-1/LIFELINE 2-1-1 or 275-5151(24 hours), 275-2700(TTY*)
Heating/utility assistance
Before seeking help in meeting delinquent fuel and utility payments, debtors should contact the particular company and try to arrange an alternate payment plan. Many companies, like Rochester Gas and Electric, are required by law to continue service if debtors can arrange a fair and affordable payment play with them. Ask about arranging such a plan by calling the customer service number of the fuel or utility company appearing on the fuel bill itself.
For help with heating (fuel) costs, call:
Action for a Better Community, Energy Conservation Program 442-4160
American Red Cross/RG&E Heating Fund 241-4474
HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) 753-6477
New York State Public Service Commission Hotline 1-800-342-3355
(Monday-Friday, 7:30am-7:30pm)

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